(6) My Port Is In Place

IMG_0949My left-side port features a bright sun, a fun red boat, and gentle waves lapping against a sturdy wood pier. (Thank you, Eileen.)

My right-side port is Barney purple, under my skin, and what I had “installed” yesterday. (I asked if they come in colors other than purple. They don’t.)

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know what an injection port was.  I imagined it as a tube with a plug in the end – when I needed to get a shot or something, they’d unplug it.  It is in fact a container “device” that is inserted under the skin that taps in to my jugular vein.  The device serves as an easy-to-find target for needles. The direct line to my jugular vein assures rapid intake of whatever is being administered.

When Eileen and I went to Swedish American Hospital in Rockford yesterday, I was concerned about the procedure, not knowing what to expect.  The 2nd floor cath lab team that worked on me was wonderful. Everything went smoothly and pain free. I’m looking forward to the post-op survey so I can give them a lot of positive feedback.

I am now chemo ready.  I am actually looking forward to the 15th when all of those drugs will have the opportunity to do their thing.  And while the drugs are going into my right-side port, I’ll be fantasizing about going out to that left-side port.

6 thoughts on “(6) My Port Is In Place”

  1. :))))) What a serene, sunny place! I’m sure you are the envy of the neighborhood with that real estate! Glad to hear that the crew at SAH were beyond competent and full of good humor. I’m sure they are talking about you two today too, wondering why more patients can’t be like you. Looking forward to your next post. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks, Anita! As they were setting up the operation room, they asked what kind of music I like. I said Top 40. The nurse said, “Do you mean music from the 40s?” I said “No, I mean contemporary hits.” So they put on Top 40 and the last thing I remember before falling asleep was everyone humming along to Katy Perry singing ROAR. Kind of a surreal memory.

  2. Glad to hear it all went well. One step closer to a healthier outcome. A port is much less stressful than struggling with uncooperative veins. Nice visualization, Eileen. I am getting my last chemo infusion right now and am grateful for the port.
    Hugs to you both,

  3. Wow! Love your left-side port, Mike. Nice job, Eileen! I think it should be a permanent tattoo. A new look for our superhero. Hope all goes as easily as yesterday.

  4. Weird having that alien thing under the skin. You have to be careful of seatbelts rubbing it (for women, bra straps), washing in the shower, and then the nurses stab into it (feels like a big pinch). Finally you’re left with a sort of Scarlet letter stitched on your skin. Picky picky….in the scheme of things, tis nothing and better (I guess) then digging into an arm vein. You are a trooper, Mike. Your port is your way to a safe harbor.

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