(7) See Me For A Free Haircut

IMG_0984Today (Tuesday) my port was used for the first time.  (It’ll be standard procedure for the oncologist to take a blood sample the day before I get chemo.) I was a tad anxious – I anticipated that a needle in the chest would sting more than in the arm.  But I was wrong. Painless. Now I’m less concerned about how things will feel tomorrow. Having a port is a good thing.

As I was leaving the oncologist’s office, the receptionist asked to me to wait so they could give me a present. They then handed me the haircut kit shown in the photo. At first I didn’t understand and I stared at them a moment – then it clicked and I laughed.

They explained that Wahl Clipper is in Sterling, just down the road from Dixon where I’m having the chemo.  A previous chemo recipient who worked at Wahl Clipper wanted to do something nice and gave them several of the haircutting kits.

Thank you all for the many kind thoughts you’re sending my way. I’m anticipating all will go well tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “(7) See Me For A Free Haircut”

  1. Dear Mike and Eileen,
    It always shocks me how often bad things happen to good people. Truly the case in this situation. However, I don’t know of any two people that can weather this storm better than the two of you!
    Your sense of humor and outlook on life will certainly bring you through this ordeal with dignity!
    Our prayers are with both of you daily and will continue till you have sailed through this to a brighter day! As someone once told us, you can’t change the wind but you can always change your sails.
    Bob and Donna

  2. Mike, so glad you have created this blog – it is such a great way for so many to stay “connected” with your journey. Wish you well tomorrow. Thinking of you.

  3. Thinking of you both constantly.
    Try the hair cut stuff on dogs and horses for practtice before using on yourselves.

  4. We think you are one in a “minion”!!!!
    Sending positive vibes your way.

  5. Thinking of you today. The positive attitude you and Eileen share is an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to seeing the artistry that the clippers inspire.

  6. Hey Mike, Shaved heads are ‘in’ the new cool, although to be completely trend-compliant, I think you are also required to sport the 3 day beard stubble to complete the look.

  7. Free clippers, sweet! I’m hoping the journey will be swift, and relatively easy the rest of the way. Sounds like you are off to a better start….I’m rooting for those white blood cells.

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