(8) Danger Will Robinson, Danger

IMG_0986When he wasn’t looking, I snapped a photo. This robot spent 4 hours today doing everything it could to rescue me from the dangers of cancer. It dripped, pushed and pumped.  It beeped.  And when I had to go the the bathroom, it followed me in and stood patiently at my side (and didn’t peak).

To reinforce its efforts, the robot beep-beeped for help.  And the very best answered the call: Cheryl, Cindy, Brittany, Val, Trista. Together they formed a great team. My time zipped by.  Everything went well.  No problems while I was with them, and no problems since I’ve been home.

Eileen was there with me.  We had a consultation with Dr. Shipp prior to the treatment.  We believe we are prepared for just about anything for the next several days.

Eileen and I were home by 4 pm today.  We worked outside for a few hours (she weeding and me mowing the pasture) then had dinner.  It was a normal evening.  And that is the best news I can report.

5 thoughts on “(8) Danger Will Robinson, Danger”

  1. Great news Mike! Now if you could only get one of those robots to mow the grass for you, or at least a robot to weed since I’m pretty sure you actually like to mow. I would never suggest a robot to chop wood, I know that would offend you 🙂

  2. Re: “Danger Will Robinson!” Wikipedia reveals: Despite the popularity of the phrase, it was said only once on the show.”
    Almost as remarkable as that robot making it to your treatment center to be a part of your sessions! But then you deserve the best! So glad you are in (beyond) capable hands.
    Hugs to you and Eileen.

  3. Wanted to just send you a note telling you that we are thinking about you and Eileen and sending strength, health and love. You are in our prayers. Steve said that your courage and humor are remarkable! You have a lot of people rooting for you! Hang in there and take great care! Sending love, Steve and Betty

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