(9) Just A Quick Update

IMG_6090I left work early yesterday (Thursday) to go to Rockford for a shot of Neulasta.  Here’s why…

Cancer is a fast growing cell and chemotherapy targets fast growing cells. Other fast growing cells are hair (bye!) and white blood cells (ouch!).  The main reason I am able to get 12 weeks of chemo in 8 weeks is because of Neulasta.  It builds my cell count quickly.  Without it, it would take those extra weeks to build back up.

I will get a blood test on Tuesday the 21st, and on Tuesday the 28th. If the white blood cells are where they should be, I’ll get my next chemo on the 29th.

(Photo: Eileen and I went to the movies this past weekend with our niece, Lauren. You can figure out who is who.)

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  1. I did’t loose it. I got carried away the other night trying out Mike’s new Wahl Deluxe Hair Trimming Kit. I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time! I know better now.

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