(10) Amazing Science!

IMG_0849The thing that is amazing to me is medical science…

When I went for my consultation with the oncologist on Wednesday (22nd), I didn’t know what to expect.  I was prepared for the worst case: my white blood cells might be too low and my body might not be reacting well to the chemo.

In fact, the opposite was true.  My blood pressure was perfect and my blood levels were BETTER than pre-chemo measurements. These results mean the Neulasta shot I received the day after chemo gave my body the boost it needed. I’m good to go for round two of chemo on the 29th.

Somewhere out there is a scientist who spent long hours figuring out how to make an injected liquid that would create white blood cells. Thank you.

The photo shows some less dramatic amazing science: We now have a generator.  No more missed Super Bowl games because the power is out (plus we can keep warm)!


7 thoughts on “(10) Amazing Science!”

  1. Mike,

    So glad to hear that your blood work is GREAT! And Eileen showed me your beautiful new generator today – very impressive! Looking forward to visiting you on a cold snowy day when your power is out! Much love to you both, Barbara

  2. Mike, you never cease to amaze me! 1/4 of the way through chemo! You are my Superman! I love you more than anything. Ok, I must be completely honest here. Come winter, when we have a foot of snow on the ground and its friggin cold outside, and the lights flicker and then go completely dim, well then, I know I’m gonna be lovin that generator. No more ‘3 dog nights’ to keep us warm baby! Bring on the power outages! We be ready!

  3. Congrats, Mike!!! Great work on producing more white blood cells! As for the generator- does it have an attachment that would pump out concepts for BVADs? Now that would be incredible science!

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