(11) A Star Is Born!

Poster BoyI had the second round of chemo today.  It started at 10:30 and ended at 2:30.  Prior to beginning, Eileen and I visited with Dr. Shipp to talk about the results of yesterday’s blood test, and discuss how I am doing.  Dr. Shipp said, “You are the poster boy for handling Dense Dose M-Vac Chemotherapy.”

That is amazing!  Mostly because Dr. Shipp is younger than me and she called me a boy! (It’s also good news that I am handling it all so well.)

Of course I am fully aware that chemo can change at any moment and a week from today I might be the poster boy for bald men projectile vomiting.  If that should happen, I will embrace the experience and we will take another photo.  But I don’t think Eileen will be standing in front of me.

19 thoughts on “(11) A Star Is Born!”

  1. Great pic of you two and comments!!! Love your upbeat attitude, Mike! However, I may not open your email if it’s a pic of projectile vomiting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best wishes everyday!!!!

  2. Hang in there youngster! Glad you’re hanging tough and tolerating your chemo well. Best wishes for successful treatments.

  3. Lois Lane and Clark Kent – the 2015 version!! We can imagine the trailer…

    Seriously – we love you and are here for both of you!

  4. You are continuing making me wonder at the emotional strength you both have. So glad you do and presume all will soon be well.
    Signed with love.

  5. Ta da!
    You guys crack me up.
    So happy (grateful) you’re handling the chemo so well.
    Cancer picked the wrong couple to f*** with!
    Keep that “S” shined up.
    Love you.

  6. Two down, two to go….right? I’m, curious, before you were diagnosed, what were your symptoms that told you something’s not right here?

  7. Love your picture Superman and Ms. Lane! Glad to hear you are doing so well!!!! Stay away from any kryptonite you might find.

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