(12) July Highlights

IMG_0916 0201Thank you all for your unending positive thoughts and prayers.  A few weeks ago, my cousins took part in a Relay for Life.  They made luminaries with my photo (of the superman kind) and set them up along a 5K walk at night. Thank you Larry, Lynn, Cheryl, Craig, Christine and Rosemary. Earlier in July, Eileen’s sisters Kathy, Pat and Ann, our brothers-in-law Tony, Albert, Neil, and Tim, plus our nieces Lauren and Heather with Simone, and our nephew Rusty with Ana, Eileen and Aidan, all came out to our place to create a “no stress” party.  They brought everything… we only needed to bring the nice weather.  Thank you.



3 thoughts on “(12) July Highlights”

  1. We’re out here thinking about you Mike all the time…..you are making it look so easy…..god bless you.

  2. Mike, you and Eileen have been wonderful friends and family members for so long. Isn’t it wonderful to have these people in your life? It doesn’t surprise me to hear all these special things. Great people know great people; after all you know me too, right???? 🙂 🙂 Wish we lived closer to do more as well, but take all the positive spirit you can!!!! What goes around comes around…karma etc….makes us really conscious of how important it is to show kindness to others! Take care friends!

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