(13) No longer the Poster Boy

Poster ChildOn Tuesday the 11th I had a blood sample taken. Yesterday (Wed.), prior to chemo #3, I answered all of Dr. Shipp’s questions before she reviewed my blood results with me.  She said, “You’re STILL the poster child of dose dense M-VAC chemo.” WooHoo! It was a subtle change, but I noticed it: she promoted me from Poster Boy to Poster Child!

All of my important numbers are where they need to be. Dr. Shipp explained that if they were not, they would have to supplement with blood transfusions.   I’m on track for the 4th and final dose on the 26th.

I still have about 50% of my hair – enough so that I look my age. Based on what happened last time, I should lose a bunch more this coming week. Eileen and I are taking weekly photos of the “stages” to share once the process is complete.

Photo: If Dr. Shipp is serious, I thought I’d find a good childhood photo of me so that she can get busy on that poster. I always felt bad having training wheels, but seeing the photo, the bike looks way too big for me.

10 thoughts on “(13) No longer the Poster Boy”

  1. So glad to read how well you’re doing. Miss you guys but not quite ready to drive myself out. Think of you both all the time.
    I like you as a blond. Who knew.

  2. pic is a riot…………….that bike was a BIG one…..training wheels even look so small. At first glance thought it was a pic of Opie, but clicked it and enlarged it and oh yes it truly is you – Poster Child!!!

  3. Nothing wrong with training wheels. We all need support from time to time to keep on rolling.
    Lots of us here to try and help keep the balance now. One more to go. Keep rolling.

    1. Actually, you were standing next to me with your bike (you can see the tire shadow). But, sadly, you ended up on the cutting room floor.

  4. You were a blonde??? Perhaps when your hair grows back after the chemo you will be one again! Hang in there, Mr. Mike. You are over 1/2 way done with your treatments and you are still on a poster.
    Keeping you and Eileen in our thoughts.<3

  5. So.. I am guessing you have a little less hair than you did when we had pizza a few weeks ago. Its only hair… it will grow back. If I didn’t know you were fighting this, I would have never known. You are doing fantastic!

  6. “On track for the 4th and final dose”…
    Lovely words to read. Stay on track , Mike…it’s the finisher!
    Warm hugs,

  7. Hi Mike – I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, August 29th, at Starved Rock Lodge. My hair is quite short at the moment; we may look like twins. Bonnie

  8. Like Benjamin Button….next time she’ll say Poster Baby (find a picture of that).
    Good to know just one to go….I’ll be thinking of you on the 26th.

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