(16) Thank you!

IMG_6191We had perfect weather for our bike ride!  We each did 33 miles.  Eileen had it a bit harder than I did because we brought Patti, and Eileen pulled the cart (Patti weighs in at a chunky 16 lbs.)

I appreciate all of the kind and positive thoughts you continue to send my way. They’re coming along with me to Iowa and I will keep them all very close. If I’m not too groggy, I’ll send an update Thursday evening.  Friday morning for sure.

11 thoughts on “(16) Thank you!”

  1. On 10/1 your “Anesthesiologist” will probably be your favorite bud….a little chit/chat and then off to “who gives a hoot” to what happens next…you’ll be snoring away while the surgeon works his magic!!!!

    10/1 is now “all about Mike” day…..sending gentle hugs to you and know that we’ll both be thinking about you.

    xo + xo

  2. Sounds like it’s time for her to start losing some weight! Paddy, not Eileen! So glad you had such a wonderful trip. Sending hugs, hugs, good thoughts, prayers, and more hugs to you both.

  3. We will be thinking of you guys and know you will do well. Sending love and hugs.

    p.s. hope you get a really cool designer bag 🙂

  4. Dear Pacino, (aka Mike/Uncle Mike),
    We love you very much! We are with you through this journey.
    Your attitude is so incredibly inspirational – a true hero of spirit!!! Our own Big Hero 6 and Baymax!!!
    FYI – just for you this week
    I am teaching the story – “Zlateh the Goat” and the kids will get to read your story about Matthew, the goat!!! I’ll let you know if I cried – you already know the answer!
    We are your farm hands the weekend if the 9th –
    So make your list.
    Sending love and major hugs,
    Tim, Ann, Lauren and Marley

  5. Keep thinking positive. It’s really all about mind, body and spirit.
    God bless you Mike and Eileen as you continue on this new journey in life. Breathe!
    Neil, Pat and Brody

  6. Thinking of you all the time, wishing you good health from now on. Miss you and Eileen and wish I could do something for you to ease your way. Good luck! Glad you had a great bike ride.

  7. So great that you were able to get the bike ride in before your big day in surgery. It sounds like it was a great time. Will be thinking of you and Eileen tomorrow.

  8. Keep sending us your journey and great stories! Your optimistic spirit and attitude will help you reach the goal line of a successful surgery and recovery. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you each day, including all of our special dogs, cats, and horses. Look forward in hearing your next blog! Great photo, as usual. We Love You from Wyoming.

  9. We will be thinking about you tomorrow and praying for the best. Sending our love and support. We will check on the horses Friday. Anything else you need… Just ask. We are here for you guys. You are an inspiration!!

  10. You are a super man, Mike. That big red “S” is emblazoned on your chest and your cape flutters in the breeze. Double thumbs up on your surgery. Wishing you an amazingly speedy recovery!
    Lots of love,

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