20 thoughts on “(17) Two Thumbs Up!”

  1. Woohoo! We’re glad everything event well!
    We’re holding down the fort 🙂

    Happy Healing!
    -Everybody at BVD

  2. Mike…you look terrific and I can hardly believe you’re up and at ’em, let alone blogging after being ‘snuffed under’ for 10 hours! What a guy! Paddy will be back on your lap in no time… :))

  3. Way to show those Docs who they’re dealing with!
    So happy and relieved everything went well and you’re on the road to
    recovery. You do look good!!!

  4. That wonderful smile says it all!! So glad everything went well. We’ll keep all those good thoughts & prayers coming!!❤️

  5. Thumbs up, toes up, heads up…life is good. Keep that positive attitude going. Glad the surgery is over and now full speed ahead to a
    healing recovery. Breathe and keep smiling!
    Neil and Pat

  6. Wow–10 hours of surgery! What a delicate matter. It’s wonderful that it was so successful! You’ve really been blessed. Glad you’re looking and feeling so good! Let recovery take its full course!

  7. Well done, Mike. Keep me posted about the 17th – whether you can or cannot. Whether you need my wheels. Glad to do it.

  8. Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Antman all bow to the newest member of the superheroes–
    Mike, Uncle Mike (aka Pacino)
    You have powers that astound us! We are so in awe of your strength both physically and emotionally.
    We love you!
    Tim, Ann, Lauren, and Marley❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. You look great! Saw your video too. Rob says to tell Eileen ‘paybacks are Hell’ 🙂 Barb and Jamie just left. All is well at your house. Good job Superman!

  10. Mike,

    Great news and what a great attitude you have with everything. Kelley forwarded me your blog site because
    I told him we needed to call your office & check on you, so this is better. You are one tough cookie and I will keep praying. Tell my bud Eileen I said hello. My love to both of you, Maxine

  11. So happy Mike and Eileen things are going well! Hang in there and be patient with yourself! It takes a little bit of time, but looks like you and everything is going great! Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you!!!

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