(18) There’s No Place Like Home…

IMG_6275Especially if you have someone like Eileen.  Since arriving home Sunday night, we’ve been taking walks through the pines every morning.  A tad chilly this morning, but the weather has been perfect.

I was told to judge my progress week to week, and not day to day.  Good advice! I haven’t had much pain. And looking back at how I felt last Friday, I’m doing great. Everything is healing, everything works as it should, and I’m certain Eileen will be hanging a framed photo of Dr. Gupta on our front door. Such a nice man. I find it amazing that he could keep interested in my “insides” for 10 hours. It is because he was able to keep me on the “robot” the entire time that the surgery went so well and that I am healing so quickly.

We are going to Iowa City on Wednesday the 14th to remove a few “things” that they needed to leave in for a bit.  More then.

14 thoughts on “(18) There’s No Place Like Home…”

  1. Mike, Good to see you out and about and – as always – with a smile on your face. Did the doggies miss you? Bonnie

  2. Love the adoring looks of all 3 pooches!!! And yes…..there is no place like home….and sure it looks even better than ever. Love Al and Kate

  3. Mike and Eileen,
    We are so thrilled that all has gone well and we want you to know you both have been in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
    We look forward to hearing about your journey through this experience and we will continue to pray for healing and good health!
    Bob and Donna

  4. What a fantastic image! Mike back among the pines where he belongs, with his ever so loyal entourage. Great to see you. Cheers, John and Julie and Luke.

  5. My dear Mike. Yes, I will probably have a photo of Dr. Gupta framed and hung on the front door. I’ve also got a few full color planned for the kitchen, guest bathroom, my car, your car, laundry room, barn, Studio A as well as Studio B, the dining room and the living room. I love your attitude and how gracefully you embrace change. I know you don’t like to draw attention to yourself, but if I were to define superman, well you would be my first and only choice!

  6. Prayers continue, my friend, as you heal and adjust.

    I nominated you for a bloggers award. See my blog. Or post on FB.

    I want others to read your story of hope and resilience!!!

    Go forth and be strong!


  7. What a great report! Amazing how well things have progressed for you! (Though I’m sure a lot of it wasn’t fun.) Glad to hear you’re so healthy.

  8. Mike & Eileen,

    So glad to hear the good news! Mike is s real trooper and he looks great and always has a smile…..

    I will keep him in my prayers and you too!

  9. Mike, it was wonderful to spend time with Paul Litow, Eileen and you last night. You look fantastic. Love this picture of you and the pups. And, the good news is everyday will be a tad better than the last. Rob and Barb

  10. So, Mike, I’m thinking the pines and the dogs become you. The pines are simply beautiful and the dogs are absolutely attentive. I wonder if they could switch descriptors: the pines are attentive? and the dogs are simply beautiful? Naw, I don’t think that works.

    I’m going by your doctor’s orders: don’t judge your progress day by day but week by week, and it’s been a week (actually 10 days) since you’ve posted any update. It’s time.

    Hope to hear your latest.

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