(19) First full day back at work

IMG_6533Eileen and I went to Iowa last Wednesday (14th) for a check up and update.  Doctor said that pathology showed no evidence of disease.  That’s great news!  My next doctor’s visit/CT Scan is scheduled for mid January. I’ll be on an every-three-month check up schedule for at least a year.

Prior to today (21st) I went to work twice to see how I’d feel… I guess I work hard because I only lasted about three hours each time.  (Plus both days I took pain pills which tend to make me sluggish.) Today is minimum pill day and my first full day back.  Eileen drove me, so there’s no leaving early.  Only a couple hours to go.  WooHoo!

11 thoughts on “(19) First full day back at work”

  1. Wonderful news, Mike!
    Loved the close up photo of donkey – so we say
    “You’ve come a long way, Bambino!!!”
    Seriously – we love you and applaud your spirit and determination to move forward!
    ❤️❤️❤️Tim, Ann, Lauren, and Marley

  2. Mike, Great photo of you! Glad you’re back at work – but – don’t overdo the working. Do overdo the resting and relaxing. Bonnie

  3. (I’ll try this again) Loved seeing you and Eileen last weekend at the 20th party….I felt honored that you sat next to me. Looking forward to you Writers’ Groups tour! xo

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