(20) An update to begin 2016

IMG_7235Eileen, Josie, and I drove out to Iowa City on Wednesday the 13th for my first post-op CT scan.  If you’re unfamiliar with cancer lingo, doctors don’t say a patient is cancer-free.  They look at all of the available data and if cancer is not present, the official diagnoses is No Evidence of Disease. Based on my scans, I am classified NED. Yes! My next CT scan is scheduled for April 13th.

While in Iowa Dr. Gupta took photos of my stomach to show other patients what they might look like after the surgery.   I’m assuming he only wants to show others the best case scenario. So when it comes to stomach scars, mine are fairly bland, small, and I’m going to say attractive.

My hair has fully returned, though not darker as the unofficial “possible” side effects of chemo listed.  One side effect that did happen is the loss of hair in my inner ear. That hair never grows back, but I only notice the loss in very noisy environments.

Coffee began tasting good again towards the beginning of December.  And by Christmas, my tastes were 100% back to normal (good timing!). For some unknown reason, alcohol tastes better than it did pre-chemo.  Rather than question this, I am accepting it as a sign and drinking more.

So you know, our traveling companion Josie, pictured, is the second puppy that Eileen is training working with Canine Peace of Mind (web site). The first puppy she trained for them, Arthur, is now living in New York City.  Eileen trains the puppy until they are about 9 months old and they are then sold as a ready-to-go-package.   If you watch the video on the web site link, you’ll see that a lot of the footage was shot around our house (some with a drone).

Thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “(20) An update to begin 2016”

  1. Congratulations, great news!
    Looks like we’re going to at Shabbona Lake State Park in June. We’ll update you later.

  2. Hi, Mike! How good to get your news and find that you are continuing well. I LOVE to hear your life/side comments–that coffee is tasting good again and booze as well. A great boost to your health and good spirits I would imagine, at both ends of the day. (You can tell I’ve been reading the latest studies that say moderate drinking and caffeine is good for you. I’m all for them!)
    And I’m sure your returning hair makes you look all the more distinguished.
    Hugs and love,

  3. Great news! Congratulations on your NED, much better than an OSCAR. Your category is best stomach scar in a documentary. And a new found appreciation of Vino, I’d call that a win-win all around!
    Cheers and love,
    John, Julie & Luke

  4. So pleased all continue in the right direction for you Mike and that your “taste buds” are back to savoring the java and a little nip here/there. God bless. 🙂

  5. So happy to hear your great news!!! Congratulations with all your accomplishments! Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Sending much joy and continued health and happiness!

  6. Hi Buddy, glad you are feeling better, nice to know about the booze thing. I would take that as a sign also. I thought I had skin cancer on me leggy but turns out to be some sort of skin thingy that comes and goes. Going to see the dermy tomorrow. Ugly itchy scratchy nasty leaky oily feeling crap that is all crusty and ugh. We totally need to hang out and go bowling again………….sucks when good friends live so far away.

  7. Ta Da……………………you did it!!!!
    Fantastic news Mike. So very happy to hear that all is going so well.
    Let’s go drinking 🙂

  8. Excellent! Glad you got great news. Now you can breathe easy.
    Enjoy a bit of the good life with some caffeine and toasting with a drink or two. God bless and keep healing. Enjoy life. It’s all good.
    Neil and Pat

  9. Hi Mike – Good to hear from you and to know that you’re NED. Great News! The dog in the photo is – sooooo – cute. What Breed is it? One of my next – missions – is the TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) of our many local feral cats. There’s an entire tribe living under my trailer to the North of my property. Of course, I feed them along with my neighbor’s three cats, but, I need to, myself, or with a group of concerned citizens, break this epidemic of feral cat overpopulation. Mike, stay healthy. Have a Healthy New Year. Hi to Eileen. Warm Regards, Bonnie Samuelson

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