(21) Time For A Tune Up

tuneup-We went to Iowa on Wednesday for a nuclear flow test… for this test they inject me with radioactive fluid, then track it as it makes its way through my body.  This test is intended to serve as a benchmark so that if I have problems in the future, they have something to compare to.

Two things they found.  One is that I have one over-achieving kidney (left does 70% of the work) and one slacker (right does 30%). 50-50 is best, but as long as my under-achiever doesn’t fall asleep on the job, things will be OK.

The test also indicated that I might have a “pinch” near the connection to my underachieving kidney.  This could be a cause of the sluggishness, or it might not (no way to tell).  It is definitely something that, over time, would have a negative impact. So….

Dr. said he’d like to go in (robotically), and basically replace about an inch of the connection.  He said it would take an hour or so.  We asked about options and after discussing it, I agreed to the surgery.  THEN came the surprise.  He looked at his schedule.  “We’ll plan on Monday the 23rd.”

That’s fast! Eileen and I are going to Iowa tomorrow (Sunday) night in order to be at the hospital at 6 am on Monday.  Surgery is at 8:15 am. The Dr. is reasonably confident that I’ll be able to go home on Tuesday.  I’m hoping he’s right. Everyone at work quickly stepped up to cover my absence.

I’m not looking forward to life on opioids again, but it may not be as bad since I’m well past the effects of chemo.  My goal is to be back at work by the end of next week.

Let Eileen know you’re thinking about her because I know this stuff takes a toll.  (My friends at the office gave me at least 50 DVDs to help get me through, so I’ll be fine.)

12 thoughts on “(21) Time For A Tune Up”

  1. God bless Mike and Eileen. We will be praying and thinking about you on Monday. Take care of yourselves and have a safe journey.
    Neil and Pat

  2. Nice illustration, Mike! I’m assuming that your tune-up will be a bit more subtle, but I’m sure the mechanic will wear gloves just like this one.
    Will be thinking of you.

  3. God bless both, we are praying and thinking about you in this journey. We will continue to pray that you stay strong and positive

  4. Argh!! Things seem to never be simple and straightforward when coping with health issues. Just know my thoughts are with you both at this time and other times too. I’m presuming all will go accordingly. Fingers crossed, etc.

  5. Ya know I can help you with that opioidal issue if ya need it. I am an expert and those things ever since I fell of my bicycle and displaced some nerves and stuff. Can we get together and go bowling on Wednesday the 25th since you are going to be in the neighborhood?

  6. Aw, Mike!

    Once again, wishing you the best, and, yes, Eileen
    is on the emotional roller coaster with you, but you
    know she IS the best. Both of you are.

    Please keep us informed with another post, and I’ll
    make sure I’ll call and pretend again I’m your only


  7. Sorry you guys have to go through more stuff. We’ll be thinking of you, and your sluggish kidney 🙂

  8. Wow- talk about fast service! I’m assuming this is Dr. Gupta doing the procedure, in whom both of you share extreme confidence. As always, you present the best possible attitude which can only help the outcome and hasten your recovery. Sending wishes for a smooth process, wrapped in lots of love. K&A

  9. Mike and Eileen…sounds like a bit of a curveball but nothing you can’t hit out of the park! I’ll be thinking of you both and it goes without saying that I’m sending my best your way. But, I thought I’d say it anyway 🙂 With a hug…Nancy

  10. are you out of the shop? hoping it all went well. Stop screwing around with this stuff … we’re on the eve of the Vegas reunion and everyone is looking forward to seeing you. Eileen; path him up and get him on the plane… whose vacation will that really be?

  11. I just read your blog about your tune-up. You must be all tuned-up by now because your blog was sent on May 21st. I hope all went – swimmingly. I’m in Ann Arbor for two weeks – housesitting, dog sitting, fish sitting, plant sitting, etc. while my niece Sandy and her family – husband and two teen-age sons – are in France as of tomorrow morning. Their sons were born in Strasbourg, FR and returned to the States as infants – so – they don’t remember their country of birth very well. New memories to be created. Take care and I hope this tune-up lasts a long, long time. Bonnie

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