(22) No Reason To Hurry

12065683-silver-android-robot-with-thumb-up-smiling-3d-illustration-on-whiteDoctor Gupta had said it would take about an hour on Monday to move things around and reconnect.  But knowing that my insides are extremely fascinating, it’s not surprising that it took a little over four hours to compete the operation. I, of course, was in Looking Glass land and sleeping peacefully.

I do find it very comforting to know that Dr. Gupta, along with the resident assisting him on the robot, took their time to look around and tighten things up.  Kind of like spring cleaning.  The operation was a success, I’m feeling great, and I only spent Monday night in the hospital.

Eileen is now part of my surgical team.  I have a couple of stitches that need to stay in place for a few days, and it wasn’t practical to drive to Iowa for a 2 minute procedure. So Eileen volunteered. No, that’s not true.  She was like a little kid, “Let me do it! Let me do it!” I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her happier as she consulted with Dr. Gupta about the process. (I think most of you know that Eileen has already been granted access to “off limits” areas so that she could watch as things were “moved” inside me.) Doctor Eileen has me on her schedule for later this afternoon.  I’ve been told I won’t feel any pain.

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day.


8 thoughts on “(22) No Reason To Hurry”

  1. I promise you my dear, you will be fine. I plan to wear my glasses AND use a magnifying glass. I’ll have you put on the TV, maybe even a cubs game (or something a little more exciting) to keep your focus off of what I’m doing.

  2. Hi, Mike,

    So glad all went well……experienced a bit of “anxiety” when the clock kept ticking…..but knew Dr. Gupta would get you back on the right track! Al and Kathy

  3. All I can think of is a new reality show called “Frontier Doc” starring Eileen Balcom-Vetillo, as a brave, resilient doctor making her way through the world armed with only a needle and some old thread and a sharp axe if things get too serious:) Go Eileen, go! Mike you might want to take a shot of whisky before she starts, just saying…

  4. Congrats to both of you! Eileen on becoming a Dr. and Mike on a successful surgery.
    Glad it’s over, and even happier all went well.
    Love to you both.

  5. Very happy all went well Mike, was thinking about you. Fascinating….Eileen and her many facets; fearless of all challenges! You two can take on anything!
    See you in June at Tom’s,

  6. As long as she’s not using farrier tools, you’ll be okay!

    Glad you’re home safe, sound and healthy.

    With a hug…Nancy

  7. Hi Mike – I guess I haven’t been following your blog lately – so – I don’t know why you had to have surgery to – move things around your insides, but it sounds like all was done successfully. Bonnie

  8. This is a – retype . My first one didn’t go through! I haven’t been checking your blog lately – so – was surprised to hear that you just underwent surgery to – move your insides around a bit. What made that necessary? It does sound like all went well and that Eileen will be your “paranurse” when it comes time to take out the stitches. Good to hear that you’re back on track. Bonnie

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