(23) Happy Anniversary To Me

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Yes, it has been a year since the big operation.  To celebrate, Eileen, Henry the dog, and I went to Iowa for a check up.  This time it was with Dr. O’Donnell since Dr. Gupta has moved to Los Angeles to take care of celebrity bladders. After a review of the CT scan, I was classified NED (no evidence of disease) – yeah! – and instead of going back every 3 months, I’m now on a 6-month schedule. The doctor did confirm that the chemo knocked out enough bone marrow to make me anemic.  Seems like a small problem.

THE PHOTO: On Saturday evening, October 3rd, two days after my operation, Eileen and Tom Zimmerman kidnapped me, got me into a wheelchair, and traveled around the hospital until they found a piano they had seen earlier in the day. Tom was about to be in a piano competition, so he had his repertoire memorized. I was still in that drugged fuzzy state of mind with tubes coming into me and going out. It seemed like a grand adventure.  After an up and down elevator ride and exploring some hallways, they found the piano. Tom got right to playing.  Eileen took the video and as she scanned the room, she was surprised to see the small stained glass of a cardinal, very reminiscent of Roland’s work.  It was without a doubt the most beautiful concert I ever attended. (Click on the photo – it’s linked to a short video.)